Permanent Doodles

My father will tell you I’m a doodler.  Every piece of paper left on the kitchen table became unrecognizable if I was bored, or heaven help you if I was on the phone… nothing was safe.

This habit/hobby took a more permanent turn last month after using my tattoo sketch pen on myself.  I love that pen.

I spent the evening doodling on myself while watching TV, proceeded to go to bed, and woke up with half the image on my face.  It seems I sleep on my own arm at times.  Good to know. Dave informs me I drool… like Niagara Falls.  This might also be a contributing factor.

That pen is NOT easy to get off.  The whole point is your design stays visible while you work on it.  So after much scrubbing the image remained on my arm but NOT on my face. A few days later I decided I liked it enough to make it permanent.

I like it. A lot. It’s not done.  I will eventually carry it up my arm to blend with what’s already there.  That’s another doodle session….

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