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No He’s Not Blind, And Other Random Questions

Today is a special day.  Today is the third anniversary of my husband receiving his Service Dog, Larry.

My husband has PTDS and a Dissociative Disorder.  

He’s not blind.  You’d be surprised how many people are shocked when he makes eye contact.

In honour of this special occasion here are a list of General Rules when you meet someone with a Service Animal….

1. Don’t touch.  You distract the animal from the job they’re trying to do.  

2. Don’t ask someone why they have a service animal.  They don’t ask you personal questions about your life…. you probably shouldn’t either.

3. Don’t talk to the animal.  He’s working… he doesn’t have time to chat.  He’s trying to listen and smell for changes in his human so he can alert to an oncoming problem.  

4. Finally, do not ask to see his license.  This is actually against the law.  Larry’s jacket clearly marks him as a Service Dog, (not a therapy dog, or emotional support dog) and has the Training organization patch clearly shown.  

If you have an issue, please contact them.  Kingston 4 Paws Service Dogs is an amazing organization and are so helpful.

Larry the Service Dog


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