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Cut the Crap

Stuff can be a burden.  You have to find space for it, you have to clean it, you have to move it, you keep collecting it.  It’s amazing how the amount of stuff you own seems to grow to fit the space you have, and even then it usually maxes out your real estate and you are either struggling to live around it or you’re constantly moving it around.  I’m pretty sick of stuff.

2017 is my year to purge my crap.  The stuff that I have some odd sentimental attachment to and feel I can release to someone who would ACTUALLY enjoy/use it.  I still love the person who gave it to me…. I just don’t have use for the gift anymore.  I don’t feel like this is a statement on our friendship/relationship.  If someone was sick and tired of a gift I had given them I HOPE they would turf it out of their life and recycle it into someone else’s who needs it.

To be clear… I’m NOT a hoarder.  I don’t need an intervention or a team of helpers.  I just need to make it a priority.  I need to be more brutal in my evaluating process.  I know this because every year I attempt to purge and the following year the same crap is kicking around the house…. why did I let this item make the cut last year?  What value did I see in it?  Was I high?  What was I thinking?

This year I’m going to be more brutal with my process, less sentimental.  I’m no longer looking at it as losing things, I choose to look at it as liberating myself from things I don’t need.

Item #1….
my waffle maker.

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