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    Mailbox Makeover

    Happy Fall to you all!  Thought I would post some pictures of my latest project! Our mailbox has been in some need of TLC for some time now and I finally managed to pick one up on sale at TSC (sorry that was a lot of abbreviations!) So, a mailbox, some white rust-proof paint, a paintbrush and your’re ready to go! The reason I haven’t put it up yet?  We are MOVING!! At the end of October we are moving just down the road and into the woods.  We are SO excited,  The mailbox is getting packed up and is moving down the street with us!

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    Resolutions Part 2

    Well I liked the first Resolution so much (see here) I’m reinventing it with a small edit… 2. FABRIC STASH!  I have to organize my fabric stash and NO buying more fabric until I have completed 10 projects. (Deja Vu or what!)  I will NOT be posting a picture of what my stash looks like now.  The last thing I need is to be  nominated for the next episode of HOARDERS. But, this is what I would like it to look like…..

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    Yoga’s in the bag…

    I’m out to deliver some yoga bags I just completed.  Here are a few images.  It’s amazing what you can do with recycled jeans!These are made with jean legs.  You have to open one of the seams to apply the fabric designs and then stitch it back up again. (All of my appliques are made from quilting scraps and leftovers from other projects.)  Add a round bottom, a strap and fold over the top and make a channel for a string to tie the whole thing closed!  Happy downward facing dog!

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    Twisted Log Cabin

    I have a new favourite quilt pattern.  It’s called the Twisted Log Cabin and I just love how it comes together and how it looks when it’s done.  I have completed two throw quilts  (16 blocks done 4×4), both with very different fabric choices.  I love them both, just for different reasons.  One is dark browns with red.  It’s done in the classic log cabin where one side of the block is darks and the other lights.  Both quilts had yellow stars separating the blocks.  The second quilt is done “scrappy”  with no rhyme or reason  to colour choices or sides and is a lot lighter in colour.  I think…

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    Place Butt Here

    My kids are not the most gentle creatures when entering and exiting a vehicle.  So it came as no surprise to find my thin cotton seat covers ripped to shreds.  It was just a matter of time.  So when I started looking around for replacements I knew I had to go much more heavy duty.  Do you know how much those things cost to buy??  I mean REALLY.  So I was going over some old posts here on the ol’ blog and fond memories stirred when reading THIS ONE.  So I put the same idea to use and came up with these …….. Overall I would rate these as a…

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    100th post… What I learned while my husband was away…

    In honour of my 100th post I thought I would ramble about my weekend.  My husband has been away for three days and it rained for two of them. Nice. In case he doesn’t believe me I took a few pictures…. I learned that I seem to get WAY more done when he’s gone than when he’s here.  Odd.  I had a few unfinished projects I decided to tackle in his absence.  The first was a chair that I bought at a junk shop (for lack of a better term) at least 10 years ago… OK 15 but who’s counting.  I was inspired to do this by Brenda.  I read THIS…

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    Totally Fake

    I just found a pretty cool book at the library. If you have boys, or girls of a certain personality, you should give it a look! It’s called “100% Pure Fake”. There are instructions on how to make fake blood, puke, poop, brains, etc. My boys are lovin’ it. It certainly brings out their disgusting- joke nature. So far we have made fake blood, a dead finger in a box, and fake pee which is appropriate since we have three dogs. Next up, edible dog poop made of oatmeal, cocoa powder, green food colouring, etc.

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    Christmas Crackers

    For the past few years the kids and I have been making our own Chrismas crackers. We have a blast picking out a toy for each person and packing it into a toilet paper tube with some chocolate and other assorted goodies. We include a question in every cracker and we take turns throughout the evening asking our question to the group. Some of the ones we have used are: “If you could meet anybody, who would it be?”, “What is the best book you read this past year?”, “What 1 new thing do you want to try in the coming year?”. We have found that we learn a lot…