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    Moose Relocation Program

    We have finally relocated, phew, done. ┬áNow I have to admit there are a few boxes kicking around still, and my office looks a bit like a tornado, but things are shaping up nicely. We moved on November 1st, and I can almost see our old place from my kitchen window now that the trees have no leaves, so we didn’t move far!! We got in just in time because November and December here have seen a lot of this…. Luckily we just installed one of these…. (The woodstove, not the dog) The cat has found a new favorite spot among my collection of coffee pots. This is what the…

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    I just walked into my sons room.  I turned.  I walked out.  Who instructed these two in the use of explosives?  When did it go off? Why didn’t I hear anything? I could freak out.I’m not going to.I’m just going to give them both big hugs, Assure them that my love is not based on performance, And tell them they have 24 hours. I will be outside reading if you need me. From The Hippie Moose

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    100th post… What I learned while my husband was away…

    In honour of my 100th post I thought I would ramble about my weekend.  My husband has been away for three days and it rained for two of them. Nice. In case he doesn’t believe me I took a few pictures…. I learned that I seem to get WAY more done when he’s gone than when he’s here.  Odd.  I had a few unfinished projects I decided to tackle in his absence.  The first was a chair that I bought at a junk shop (for lack of a better term) at least 10 years ago… OK 15 but who’s counting.  I was inspired to do this by Brenda.  I read THIS…

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    BEFORE AFTER Well we have owned our 76 acres for one year now! The time has just flown by which is suprising considering how time seemed to just creep while we were searching for property. We have made lots of changes like adding a garden, a teepee, a treehouse, built a mud room, a fire pit, installed a wood stove and painted. Here are a few before and after pics of the main room… it’s amazing what a little colour will do!

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    Breath in, breath out. aahhhhh. I feel like I just haven’t had time to breath lately with all the activity. I’m sure it’s because I homeschool that I’m not used to the rushing around and flurry of activity that seems to be the summer of 2009. To recap…. Dave and I went to see Xavior Rudd in July when he was playing in Toronto. I highly recommend him if you have never heard his music. Not only is he an AMAZING musician but heavily into land rights for aboriginal people groups. His main focus is the Aborigines of Australia (his homeland) but he is sympathetic to the First Peoples of…

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    Well, we are pleased to announce that we are the proud parents of a beautiful 2 year old girl! This is our first girl and I am very excited to add some estrogen to this family… I’ve been feeling pretty outnumbered! Her name is Ginger. left to right: Zeke (11) Ginger (2) Boda Zapha (Bodie) (11) Photo’s courtesy of Ty Young!

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    Delusions of grandeur

    Yesterday I painted a sign for our business. On Saturday there is a grand opening at the market where we are selling this summer and it was suggested by the other vendors that a sign is always a good idea. OK, so after painting the sign I set it up on the lawn to dry. When I came back this is what I saw…..It might be just me but I laughed till I cried! And yes I stole the idea from Peanuts.

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    Rules are made to be…

    We had a great time at Skeleton Park Music Festival yesterday. The rain was a downer but I’m shocked at the number of people who showed up anyway! Kingstonians are NOT afraid of water. It might interest you to know that the park where this great event is held is not only a beautiful park, but it is also listed on Canada’s Top 5 Haunted Places. I was using a borrowed camera so the shots of the festival are NOT that good, but it will give you a feel for the amazing vibe of the event in general! Including the kids parade which is always my favorite part, aside from…

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    Home, for a day or two

    Well we are back in Kingston for a few days. We came back for Track & Field for the boys but it was postponed because of the blockade in Tyendinaga… so we will be back again next week for track. I will be bringing down rasperries when I come on Monday so stay tuned. The boys are really enjoying the use of city luxeries… if only he would learn to DO the laundry. We also took advantage of our time in the city for Dakota to get a haircut. He had opted to grow out his mohawk this year but we are pleased he has gone back to it… we…