ABOUT the Moose


Everything about that day seemed brighter, sweeter, and more alive. It was a day the Hippie Moose will never forget. It was a day of change. Frustrated with the daily grind he chose to seek unconventional wisdom, his search led him to a mysterious mountain.

After having survived three near fatal philosophical experiences on the way, he felt quite inspired to reach its summit. On this summit he discovered a long haired,s semi-neurotic Guru Moose wearing love beads, bare feet and displaying an obvious passion for herbal remedies (the legal kind of course). Startling the Guru during his morning yoga session – his “salutaion to the sun” didn’t end wll – the Hippie Moose cautiously approached and waited for an opportunity to speak. “Not groovy man“, whimpered Guru Moose as he switched to Mountain pose.

Slowly opening his eyes the Guru Moose asked, “What do you seek?”“I am on a journey to find authentic love, peace, and life purpose…. I feel like a hippie-crit”, sobbed the Hippie Moose. Clearing his voice the Guru Moose said: “Listen carefully and learn from an ancient Ojibway Proverb: When the last tree is cut, the last river is poisoned, and the last field is destroyed… ONLY then will they realize their money doesn’t create shelter, supply water, or grow food.”……from this journey emerged The Hippie Moose revolution. What is The Hippie Moose revolution? It is creativly empowering people to live simple, spiritual, and highly sustainable lives – by re-introducing the earth into everyday living.

Portrait by Luke Peters