Kissing 2020 Goodbye….

New Years Day is a day that everyone looks at with hope.  Hope for change, hope for a better future, and a desire to be better, do better, and fulfill the things we were put on this earth to do.  It’s a pretty amazing day when you think about it.  

People around the world with the same ideas and thoughts but personalized to them.  It’s a powerful thing to put out into the world, into creation.  A communal prayer of sorts.

I think if we can start to look at the power of unity and the power in united purpose we could accomplish more, keep on track longer, and encourage each other more powerfully.

I think my New Years Resolution is to keep this attitude of Hope going for as long as I can…. And try and instill it in others.  Because there’s power in working together for good.

I think 2021 marks the first year that the world was celebrating the end of a horrible year more than the beginning of a new one.  This was more of a celebration that 2020 was finally over and that we can have hope that 2021 will be better.  There are no guarantees, 2020 taught us that we have no idea what’s to come.  But coming through such a difficult year also shows what we’re able to endure, how we can come together, how we can support each other. I was blessed to be surrounded by amazing people and I’m starting 2021 surrounded with my family, hanging with my friends (on zoom) and knowing that my Rez family is always here for me. I’m blessed and I know it.  I’m endeavouring to never take it for granted…. ever again.

2020 also taught us that some people are just going to disappoint you, are going to care more about a haircut than putting people at risk. That some people really do only get their news through social media.  It’s time to stop focusing on those people.  If they haven’t changed after seeing what happened in the past year, I don’t think anything I say is going to make a dent.  Move forward, love those worthy of your love, as well as those who aren’t.  But keep moving, keep striving, keep Hoping.

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